Praying Psalm 78:9-16

Praying Psalm 78:9-16

Lord, when I forget your works and the wonders that you have shown me in the past …

When I don’t keep your covenant and refuse to walk according to your ways …

then I shrink on the day of battle. I retreat when I am faced with temptation. I run away when I encounter difficulty.

Help me never forget the day of my salvation when you routed the enemies of my soul.

Help me never forget the day when you delivered me from bondage to sin.

Help me never forget how you’ve led me through seasons of difficulty, through seasons when you seemed far away from me, through seasons when your promises seemed like cruel jokes.

Help me never forget how you have been faithful to me, how you have provided all I need.

Lord, grant me a steadfast heart that remembers you and all you’ve done on my behalf.

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Jamie Larson