Praying Psalm 78:32-39

Praying Psalm 78:32-39

Lord, the marvelous blessings you’ve rained down upon my life …

… the freedom you’ve poured out upon my soul …

… the guidance and protection you’ve given me in seasons of both joy and sorrow …

… how can I begin to thank you for all the wonders you have done for me?

Even though my gratitude should be unceasing, my heart is fickle.

One moment, I remember that you are my rock and my redeemer, and I am ever-conscious of your presence with me.

The next moment, I expect more and my heart complains.

Grant me steadfastness, faithfulness, and an allegiant heart.

Thank you for mercy . Thank you for compassion. Thank you for patience.

It is your kindness that leads me to repentance, and your grace that teaches me to deny ungodliness.

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Jamie Larson