Praying Psalm 78:40-50

Praying Psalm 78:40-50

Lord, in the wilderness season, help me remember.

When you performed your signs in Egypt and redeemed your people from the clutches of their foes, the nations heard about your wonders and trembled. The inhabitants of Philistia were seized by pangs. The chiefs of Edom were dismayed. The Canaanites melted away. All the world witnessed your power.

When your son gave his life on the cross, he disarmed the rulers and set us free from the enemies of our soul who sought to keep us in bondage. He put spiritual authorities to open shame and made a public spectacle of them.

When you delivered me from the domain of darkness and transferred me to the kingdom of your beloved son, your patience, grace, and kindness became my redemption.

May I always remember, lest I grieve you in my wilderness.

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Jamie Larson