Praying Psalm 77:16-20

Praying Psalm 77:16-20

Lord, your people encountered an impassable barrier as they approached the Red Sea. The waters before them, Egyptian armies closing in on them from behind. They were cornered, with no way out.

But then the waters saw you …


and without any word from you, they were afraid. They trembled. All of creation bowed to your mere presence.

Through your very presence in the midst of difficulty, your power and your might were made known among your people.

Today, the difficulties which encircle me seem hopeless. I’m trapped. How will I ever escape? When will life return to normal? How long will it be before I am delivered? When will this end?

But then my circumstances see you and they are afraid … they tremble … they bow down in your presence.

In the midst of impossible circumstances, the Israelites learned that “your way was through the sea” and that “your path (was) through the great waters.” Turning back was not the way.

Because you are with me wherever I go, Lord, I will be strong and courageous. I will not turn back. For your way is through the barrier. Grant me faith to see your footprints as you lead me through the test, even if I don’t see you.

Thank you for the “Selah” moments in which you remind me of your mighty, outstretched arm.

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Jamie Larson