Praying Psalm 77:10-15

Praying Psalm 77:10-15

Lord, in the midst of anxiety and racing thoughts, the quietness you grant me in the “Selah” moment gives me the pause I need to decide to focus on you and on your past deliverances rather than on myself and my fears.

In the midst of terror and anxiety, I make a choice to remember - not just what you have done on my behalf - but on what you have accomplished for the community of which I am a part.

When I focus on my worries as I encounter devastation, I find nothing to encourage me - only fear that you have abandoned me, that you don’t love me any longer, that you have forgotten me, that you are angry with me.

But when instead of trying to remember MY song in my darkest night, I choose to ponder and meditate on the mighty deeds you have accomplished on behalf of your people, I have hope.

And then I begin to think upon how your strong arm redeemed your people and about the years in which your right hand has kept your people, the ones you love, for yourself.

I am reminded that you work wonders and make your strength known among your people.

Lord, grant me a “Selah” moment, and until then, may my heart be steadfast!

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Jamie Larson