Praying Psalm 77:1-9

Praying Psalm 77:1-9

I can’t sleep. My thoughts are racing too quickly to be corralled. My emotions are sweeping over my soul too rapidly to be controlled. Before I can rationally think about the best course forward, a new worry introduces itself.

The day of my calamity has arrived, and the onslaught of fear overwhelms me.

I’m devastated.

I want to cry out to you because I know you’ll hear me, but I have no words. I want to reach out to you, but my soul cannot find solace or even a moment of peace to gather my thoughts.

Selah: grant me stillness.

How could you have let this happen, Lord? Will you ignore me forever? Are you mad at me? I know you’ve done great things for me in the past, but do you even love me anymore?

Selah: grant me a small moment of quiet so I can find relief from the unending anxiety.

Then I will remember the might of your right hand and how you have consistently acted on my behalf.

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Jamie Larson