Praying Psalm 76:7-12

Praying Psalm 76:7-12

Lord, you reign supreme over all the universe. You are feared by the most powerful kings of the earth who kneel before you and bring you gifts of tribute.

None can stand before the victorious warrior who breaks the arrows, the shields, the swords, and the weapons of war brought by those who would oppose you.

When you pronounce judgment, even the earth stands still.

Yes, you are to be feared and revered by all.

Yet, you are beyond all imagination - the rightful king, worthy of all adoration and subjection. But you execute your judgment not simply to defeat those in rebellion, but above all, to save the humble of the earth. How far above our ways are yours. How exceedingly great is your love for your subjects.

Who are we that you would vanquish our foes on our behalf? Who are we that you would fight our enemies for us? Who are we that you would strike down the adversaries of our souls (those forces that seek to distract us from your side)?

And so, along with the kings of the earth, we kneel before you - not because you have forced us into submission, but because you have conquered our souls with your great love.

We bring you the gift of allegiant hearts and cast the crowns of our independent spirits before you. You are worthy, O Lord.

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Jamie Larson