Praying Psalm 75

Praying Psalm 75

When the world around me becomes unstable and begins to totter, when the enemies of my soul (those ideas and influences and thoughts which seek to distract me from following you) commence their daily attack with a goal of persuading me to rise up in independence and arrogance against you, may my heart be steadfast.

Teach me to wait for the set time that you have appointed - when you will judge with fairness those forces that are opposed to your truth.

Give me a heart of trust to know that, in your timing, you put down one and lift up another. Give me a heart of humility that I might not arrogantly assert my independence from you.

Fill my heart with gratitude and praise and a determination to declare your wondrous deeds in the midst of a world which hates you. I will proclaim your righteousness and truth. I will declare your love forever, O Lord!

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Jamie Larson