Photo courtesy of Robert Scoble. Used by permission.

How to Find the Best Seller List for an Amazon Category

I know I’ve read instructions somewhere for how to do this, but I couldn’t find them this morning. I was able to figure out on my own how to find the best seller list for any Amazon category, so I thought I would document it here for my own benefit as well as for anyone else who might happen upon this post.

The key is to find the browse node of the category for which you want the best sellers list. is a perfect tool for this.

By clicking on the category links, you can drill down to the category you’re looking for: - Baseball

I would suggest finding the browse node for the category in both the “Books” and “Kindle eBooks” hierarchies.

Once you find the browse node (in the screenshot above, the browse node for the Books > Sports & Outdoors > Coaching > Baseball category is 266219), you can use the browse node in an Amazon url to find its best seller list. The Amazon url should take this form:

That url will take you to the Amazon best sellers list for that category:

Amazon Best Sellers

Now I have the procedure documented for myself and if you happen upon this post looking for instructions on how to do this, I hope it helps.


Photo courtesy of Robert Scoble. Used by permission.